Important Update - Read-In Canceled

 Please read the blog post with all the information involving the 2020 Savannah Rotary Read-In.  

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What is Savannah Rotary Read-In?


Read to a Classroom for an Hour, Impact a Student for Life!

Come Join Us March 25, 2020 for the Third Annual Savannah Rotary Read-In! We will be Reading  to Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Graders throughout All of Savannah Chatham Public School System (SCCPSS)! It will only take One Hour of One Day and the Donation of Just One Book to Brighten the Lives of a Whole Classroom!


Who's invited?

Everyone! The Savannah Rotary Club invites you to join Businesses, College Organizations, Community Groups, Book Clubs, Church Groups, Community Leaders and Members of our Community for this Worthwhile and Rewarding Activity. 


Awesome, I'm in! How do I participate?


The Savannah Rotary Read-In will take place on March 25, 2020 from 9:00am to 10:30 am at Pre-Assigned Schools throughout Chatham County. You May Choose a School near to your Home or Place of Work! Signup from this Website by Clicking on the Signup Button. You will be directed to the site where you will be able to select a preferred school and/or Grade for your assignment.         

THANK YOU!! Savannah Rotary Read-In 2019 was a Phenomenal Success by Any Measurement

  572 Readers, 33 Schools, 2 Children’s Hospitals, 605 Pre-K to 3rd grade classrooms, Over 1,200 Books donated to Classroom Libraries. And Over 13,000 Students Read To!! Our 3rd Annual Savannah Rotary Read-In will be held March 25, 2020. SAVE THE DATE! 

I just signed up, what now?


Show up

Leave an impact

Show up

When you arrive at your Pre-Assigned School on MARCH 25, 2020 at 9 am, you will check-in

with the office. It is a good idea to check in early, if possible. You will be escorted to a hosted

reception area on campus. After being welcomed by that school’s representative (usually the

Principal), and meeting the other readers you will be escorted to your assigned classroom.



Leave an impact

Show up

That is when the Real Fun Begins! For about 45 minutes you will first introduce yourself to the

class then tell them about yourself. Then you will Read the Book you brought to the Class.

Maybe Reread it!! Usually after reading the book the children will ask questions about the book

or about YOU! They are Very Curious at that Age!!


Leave an impact

Leave an impact

Leave an impact

At the end you will leave the book with the teacher to add to their class’s library. Then the

students will be able to enjoy the story again at a later date.



E. Shaver is the Official Bookseller for the Savannah Rotary Read-in!


e. Shaver, bookseller is Offering a 20% Discount for Book Purchases used for Savannah Rotary Read-In.

Their Staff will help you select an age appropriate book for you to take on March 25 to your assigned school!! 

Remember to Mention you are Reading for Savannah Rotary Read-In when you Purchase your Book at e. shaver, bookseller to Receive Your 20% Discount!!

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